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Founded in 1951, Crow is a leading provider of forgings to aerospace, defense and industrial end markets.  With over 5,500 forging dies, Crow is tooled on virtually every aircraft platform in operation today.  With its broad array of capabilities including pneumatic hammers, mechanical and hydraulic presses, screw presses and upsetters, Crow is capable of producing complex forgings from a wide variety of metals.  Crow has in-house NADCAP processing capabilities as well as ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Rev. D certifications.

  • Design and prototyping
  • Press forging
  • Hammer forging
  • Upset forging
  • Heat treat
  • Grinding
  • NDT
  • Inspection

Why Forgings?

Forging is a manufacturing process where superheated metal billets are hammered or pressed into high-strength parts.  These parts, known as forgings, have significantly higher impact toughness and fatigue strength when compared to castings or machining from bar stock.

Because of their unique attributes, together with their high strength-to-weight ratio, forgings are used heavily in aerospace to improve the performance, range and payload capabilities of aircraft.  Forgings are especially well suited to aircraft applications due to their ability to handle dynamic loads during takeoff and landing, and extreme temperature fluctuations at altitude.


Random grain orientation resulting from casting process provides sub-optimal mechanical properties.

Machined Bar Stock

Disrupted grain flow from machining bar stock results in reduced strength of the material.


The forging process retains the grain flow of the material resulting in significantly higher impact toughness and fatigue strength.

It's All About Quality

Crow maintains top tier industry certifications, including ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Rev. D.  Additionally, Crow is NADCAP accredited for Heat Treating, Chemical Processing and Non Destructive Testing.  These certifications and quality capabilities allow crow to maintain a cost of poor quality of less than 1%, and greater than 99.9% customer acceptance rate.

Customer Acceptance99%
On Time Delivery97%
Labor Efficiency97%

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Our unmatched combination of capabilities, certifications and tooling coupled with decades of experience
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